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-- >> are our brains charging us by the hour. >> yes, they are expensivement isn't it nice we can use that word as a known and verdict. we marshal the facts to fit our beliefs that we already hold. if are you a conservative you read "the wall street journal," you listen conservative talk radio and filter everything, and only find and remember the things that support what you already believe. if are you a liberal you read "the new york times", listen to progressive talk radio cash did -- i guess nobody does, you listen npr and you find all the facts that fit that and everybody has the data. so who is right. and so the only way to tell really the difference between these true patterns and false patterns is science. >> stephen: really? >> really. >> stephen: you think science is the answer. >> yeah, i'm not joke being that. >> stephen: you're not jock being science but isn't that just your belief? are you a skeptic, you are inclined to believe that skepticism, the scientific method is the right idea but that is so that you look for evidence out there in the world that evidence is a good thing to l
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)